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We pack our succulents (vetplantjes) separately from the ceramic pots. They come in a plastic pot which fits handily in the ceramic pot such that the plants look as shown in the photos. Succulents don't like water on their leaves or stand in water with their roots so best is to take them out of the ceramic pot when watering. For more info about watering check also " how to take care of you succulent " below the images.

The cacti we plant for you or you can choose to receive the plant in the growing pot (plastic) and replant it yourself. You can also select to receive a ceramic pot. We will send you a replanting pack from our special cactus ground to ensure optimal  growing conditions. 

The more special plants and the plantscapes are delivered by our own service. If you are looking for something special or require specific plants or plant landscapes please visit our shop. 

About Us


Plantscapes Creative Guru

Cacti and succulents have stolen our hearts because of the variety, their special forms, timelessness, flowers and no fuzz in taking care! We use them to create stunning and unique plant-landscapes flawlessly combining plants, pots, stones and sand. However, not everybody can come to our shop in Borsbeek, Belgium to enjoy our creations so we started this online shop where you can find stylishly matched compositions of plant and pot, and occasionally some more exotic plants.

We offer a selection of easy to take care plants such as air plants, cacti and succulents combined or planted in selected planters and pots so anybody, even without "green fingers" can enjoy them for a long time. We compose our own soil, specific for the plants, so they can grow in their suitable environment. We want to give you a plant which lasts long, evolves over the years and even produces offspring. Our pots range over different styles to blend in perfectly with your interior design or form the focal point of your home.

Our plants are delivered in eco-friendly protective packaging to ensure that your plant and pot arrive in perfect condition. We actively looked for suppliers who use recycled carton for boxes as well for the other protective materials we use. We constantly look for and test new materials to be able to move to complete plastic free from plant growing to delivery in the near future! We encourage you to group your products in order to reduce the environmental impact of their transportation.


On location, in our store we have big selection of cacti, succulents and ready plantscapes. We also have big cacti and other exotic and rare plants. Check our shop website: 

Parking arrangements: Park in the drive in, so you can easily take your plantscape in the car.


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